1. Do I have to take a lesson?

If you are not an experienced climber then you must take a lesson to learn the basic safety procedures. This is for your own safety and only costs $10 more than the cost of climbing and renting the equipment. The lesson is very interactive; we get you climbing the walls as soon as possible.

2. Do I have to book my lesson?

Yes. Please call (905) 231-3434 to make a booking for your lesson. Most of our lessons fill up so we do not have space for walk-ins.

3. Can I climb alone?

Climbing is done in pairs: one climbs and one belays (manages the safety rope) and then they switch. Singles can join others for the lesson.

We have 3 Perfect Descentâ„¢ autobelays. Each autobelay serves 2 to 3 routes so you will be able to climb a bunch of routes without a partner. Great for solo climbers and for endurance workouts.

4. What should I wear?

Wear loose gym clothing. For example sweat pants, tights or shorts and a T-shirt. In the winter, a sweater or sweat shirt is helpful. Please bring thin socks for the climbing shoes.

5. How old does one need to be to climb?

All ages can climb. We have members from age 4 to age 70. However, in order to belay (manage the safety rope) you must be 13 years old or over. Generally, children begin to enjoy climbing around the age of 6.

6. Do I have to be very strong to climb?

If you can climb a ladder you can climb our easy walls. We have routes of varying difficulty from very easy to next-to-impossible.

7. Is there parking at The Rock Oasis AJAX?

There is parking available in the Ajax Community Centre parking lot. There are also outdoor bike racks for locking your bike.

8. Can I bring my children to climb?

Children love climbing. Children over 13 can take the introductory lesson and learn to belay. Children under 13 can be belayed by their parent or our staff. Please call to book an instructor to get you started. All climbers under 18 must have their own parent read and sign our liability waiver. Please click on "Kids & Youth" for more information.