The Ajax Rock Oasis is the only place to climb in Durham!


• Bright clean walls with seamless smearable texture
• Walls with a wide variety of angles
• Technical outdoor style route setting
• Lots of bouldering
• Fun people work and climb here

Top Rope Climbing

The first time you visit The Rock Oasis you must fill in our climbing registration and liability waiver. If you do not know how to tie in and belay, please see the New Climber page. For experienced climbers who know how to tie in and belay, you will be asked to pass a top rope belay certification. We will confirm that you know how to tie into the rope and that you are a safe belayer. This process is for everyone's safety and therefore there is no charge for this service.

Autobelay Climbing

We have 3 Perfect Descent™ autobelays. Each autobelay serves 2 to 3 routes so you will be able to climb a bunch of routes without a partner. Great for solo climbers and for endurance workouts.

Lead Climbing

If you want to lead climb at The Rock Oasis then you must take our lead climbing course or be an experienced lead climber. Experienced lead climbers must make an appointment to take a lead test. A $25 fee will apply as follows: either 1) refunded if climber is a safe lead climber and lead belayer or 2) 1/2 hour refresher if climber demonstrates 95% of required skills or 3) partial payment towards lead climbing course. Lead privileges will be revoked if any unsafe behaviour is observed. You must provide your own lead rope and Grigri for lead climbing.


We offer lots of bouldering that feature varying degrees of overhang and all sizes of climbing holds. You may practice vertical technique as well as steep roof climbing skills. Whether you need to work on technique, power, or endurance, bouldering will complement your training program.


We offer lead climbing and technique courses to improve and enhance your current skill level. Please call for more information.